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2. «each of the pair of points of greatest approximation and greatest distance of the orbit of one celestial body relative to the other, central one»

11.03.2023 / APSYDA by Koxuoner @ Krakowskie Przedmieście 53 / Lublin.

Thanks to:
Syle Madness Gallery

At the exhibition, which is an extension of the previously started project - viewers could see digital prints on canvas (100x70cm), a hand-made rug, two watches, purchase boxes with reproductions of works (all numbered and signed), and a combined installation with a mural, a space - prepared by the author especially for the vernissage.
It is an experiment of combining handwritten typography - tags that came from graffiti, effects, digital and colors, gradients and shapes, referring to both the aesthetics of retro games and cyberpunk.
The typography was created by hand or drawn on a tablet, then Illustrator & Photoshop programs were used for the rest of the processing to obtain an effect satisfactory to the artist.
The works presented below are the culmination and combination of the artist's passion for both the art of graffiti and digital design.
At the end of the project you can see a photo report from the vernissage.

Photos of works: Paweł Nowosad in Verus Studio
Photo report: Zbyszek Wojcik

I invite you to watch!
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