KRZY.WE is the first ever exhibition of Polish Vector Illustration.
The event begun in Warsaw, Poland on 25th October 2013 at the Wypieki Kultury Gallery, Stolarska 2/4.
You can still visit the exhibition till the 23rd November 2013.
The main idea of KRZY.WE was to demonstrate that the fundaments of vector illustration consist not only
of the knowledge of a computer program, but also of the creativity, imagination and vision. It is a combination
of style and technique which results in good art. And that what’s KRZY.WE is all about - the artists.
We invited following Polish vector artsits to participate in our project:
Michał Białogrzywy  |  Michał Bogulski  |  Piotr Ciesielski  |  Karol Gadzala  |  Konrad Kirpluk
Filip Komorowski  |  Luiza Kwiatkowska  |  Adam Quest  |  Konrad KOXU Łukasiak  |  Aleksandra Marchocka  Krzysztof Nowak  |  Wojciech AKUMA Polak  |  Kamil Sarnowski

We have compared those artists styles and techniques by giving them a simple task - create your self-portrait.

Our main goal is to show the people in Poland that vector illustration is not only useful
for the professional purposes, but can also be considered as a piece of art.
We hope to continue our mission by organising more such events in the near future.
ORGANISERS  Agnieszka Gniotek  |  Filip Komorowski  Konrad KOXU Łukasiak  Wojtek AKUMA Polak
EXHIBITION POSTER  |  Bartold x Saiko
ID ANIMATION  Bogna Kowalczyk
PROMO VIDEO  5.0 Production
MICHAŁ BIAŁOGRZYWY  |  1982, Jaworzno
PIOTR CIESIELSKI  |  1986, Puławy
KAROL GADZAŁA  |  1985, Kraków
KONRAD KIRPLUK  |  1979, Poznań
FILIP KOMOROWSKI  |  1987, Warszawa
LUIZA KWIATKOWSKA  |  1982, Warszawa
ADAM QUEST  |  1982, Poznań
KONRAD  KOXU  ŁUKASIAK  |  1987, Warszawa
KRZYSZTOF NOWAK  |  1985, Ruda Śląska
WOJTEK  AKUMA  POLAK  |  1988, Warszawa
KAMIL SARNOWSKI  |  1986, Poznań
PHOTOSTORY  |  |  Nie Zasłaniaj  |  Jimix Photo
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