Candy Gold, specializes in artistic confectionery and various branches of the confectionery industry.
Candy Gold is not just a company, but also a brand represented by Małgorzata Nagat - a well-known Polish pastry chef, author, trainer, and the winner of the second edition of the Bake Off program.
The company creates large-scale projects, conducts and publishes numerous training sessions, operates in the event industry, serving both private clients and hotels and corporations.
To reflect this diversity, we have decided to introduce two lines in our branding - one named "Frida" introducing bold colors and patterns, plenty of additional elements for communication aimed at individual clients and the event industry, and the "corporate" line, which is more subdued, minimalist, and monochromatic for communicating with business clients and corporations.
Due to the high flexibility, multitude of materials created (especially online), and several communication systems, we have decided not to design a strict brand book - the choice of typeface, additional elements of the logo, icon design, and color scheme create a kind of mood board, where the protective field of the logo is the only specified guideline.

CANDY GOLD by Małgosia Nagat ® 2024 / Warsaw

We invite you to take a look.

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