A personal and non-commercial project of eleven graphics, created at the beginning of this year.
Inspirations for some of the texts on the posters were taken from various thoughts by the author during the last year spent in a pandemic.
The size of all works are 100cm x 70cm.
The print was made in digital technology on high-quality oyster paper from the Favini paper mill - Italian, with waste - leather up to 15% - ecological, offset, from an Italian paper mill that cares about the environment, contains agricultural waste. Debris, dirt in the structure are these wastes.
The photos of the works were taken by Krzysztof Sawicki from the Zajarani.pl creative collective, the printing was made in the Cerasus printing house in Warsaw, while on the other side of the lens, the author of the works himself is standing behind the works.
We invite you to watch!

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