Paste up Warsaw

The first independent poster festival in Warsaw.
The event lasted from August 24-28 on Warsaw's boulevards near the Mermaid Monument.

The festival was an open event and every artist, not only from Poland but also from all over the world, could send their works and take part in it.
After selecting the works (the requirement for selecting a work was not only aesthetic value but also the technical specification), they were glued to the wall of the Vistula boulevard, creating a street gallery over 100 meters long that every passerby could see at any time of the day or night.

One of the main assumptions was not only to create the largest independent poster gallery operating in the urban fabric, but also to combine the worlds of design and street art.

We received over 300 works for the festival not only from all over Poland, but also from Europe.

The event was attended by such artists as: Czarnobyl, Hakobo, Sicoer, Sc Szyman, Koxu, Fruit of the Lump, Aqualoopa, Proembrion, NeSpoon, Egon Fietke, Seikon, T.Pieńczak, Polish Pipe, Buflo, Bohomaz, Gu-Tang Clan, Palenque and many others.

During the festival, there were poster making workshops and the official opening of the exhibition with an evening afterparty.

Fundacja Sztuki Zewnętrznej, Pracownia N22, Typophobia Studio

Main head of operation / Creative Direction: Szyman
Curators: Szyman, Koxu
Design / Visual ID: Koxu
Social Media Ninja / Photo / Project Management: Claudia Claude Studio
Video: TRR Production / Dacu
Music: Szwed SWD
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